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Michael and sister Erin camping


Since 1981 Mike Freyvogel has had a reel problem.  At the young age of just 20 months Michael caught the bug and has never looked back.

"Fly Fishing with my friends and family has always been what has makes me happy.  I am so blessed to be able to do this so often now!  Guided fly fishing trips are a great way to relax and let go."

Michael grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania fishing all over, from the small Appalachian mountain streams to the mighty 3 rivers in Pittsburgh (The Allegheny River, The Monongahela River, & The Ohio River).  Fishing has always been a large part of Michaels life.   A true gift that Michael has continued to love & share. 


The Provo River

The Provo River is known for its epic mayfly hatches and for its very healthy group of wild brown and wild rainbow trout.  Anglers can easily find themselves at one of hundreds of bends alone with rising trout all around.  Nymphing techniques produce daily and streamers can also be productive.  It is not unheard of to see 20 inch lunkers sipping small midges in the mornings on the banks.  The Provo river is very supportive of many other types of wildlife as well.   


Elite Guides

Dont spend the day on the river with just any guide.  FFF has a tight knit group of friends that love guiding together as well as fishing together.   Thousands of hours have been spent together netting fish, and snapping photos, rowing boats through the wind, and telling fish stories by the fire.   We work together to make sure that every one has a great day on the water.  Whether you have never been fishing before or you are a life long angler, we look forward to creating memories on the river with you!

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Fishing Report 1-15-18


Upper Provo River


Middle Provo River

150 cfs

get out there and enjoy!  Midges in the morning Baetis in the afternoon.  Snow flurries have been conducive to dry fly fishing!  Small midge patterns (22-30). And Baetis  22-20  starting around 11:00.  Small egg patterns are also bringing in big fish.  Be cautious to stay off the redds 

Lower Provo River

132 cfs 

finally a great flow for the lower Provo.  Great bwo and midge hatches.   Always have San Juan worms and sow bugs this time of year when it rains.  Look for great afternoon hatches of bwo.  

Weber River

20 cfs

go somewhere else.  its about spawning time and water is real low.   Catching big fish doesn’t feel good so If you have to fish...  sow bugs, eggs, worms, midges.   Quick release  

Strawberry River


 dont go.  With recent fires filling the water with ash, low flows, and high fishing pressure over the summer, this river newdsto be left alone until the fish are finished spawning and the flows return to a normal level.   

Utahs Epic Small Streams

Spawning my Browns can make things fun but please be easy on those fish and let them do their thing.  giggity 

Fly Tying Lessons


The Art of Fly Tying

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a night, teach a man to fish and feed him for life"

By the hour lessons are offered for those who live close by.  Those interested in a custom made box of flies please email

Pickup and drop off service


Dont be stuck at the resort.  We will gladly pick you up in Salt Lake City, Park City or other outlying areas so we can spend the day on the river with you. 

Other activities?


Where to eat and what to do?  Take advantage of our local knowledge.  We can help you find a full list of adventures in Utah.  The Wasatch mountains provide us with so much more...  hiking, biking, camping, white water rafting, skiing

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What are the best ages for fly fishing?


Fishing is for all ages, however we prefer not to take children under the age of 7 fly fishing.  We may be able to show younger children how to catch a fish in a safer environment.  If you are interested in  an introduction to fishing for children please email

certain programs are available for younger children

Need a local fly shop in Utah?


If you prefer to not have our company on the river and you just need some bugs and tippet make sure to check out 

Trout Bum 2 in Park City, UT

They carry everything you need and some extra stuff too.  The Trout Bums rent gear and give some great fishing advice if you need directions to and around the river.

For the best grab and go food, make sure to eat at 

Park City Bread and Bagel

they open super early, and Locally owned!

What do i really need to pack for fishing?


We recommend thick comfy socks, warm thermal liners and warm variable layers.  Plan for it to be colder than you think in the morning and sunny and too warm for all your layers in the afternoon.  On a typical Utah day on the river you will feel both within 3 hours.  Always check your favorite app for weather in Heber City, UT and Wanship, UT  

don't forget your fishing license 

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